| US: 1-800-874-0118 | Belize: 011-501-532-2990

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Island Service Information


We offer you a genuine and unique level of service you can only find at Turneffe Island Resort. From the time we meet you at the airport in Belize, through your entire stay and departure, you can be assured that we are there to exceed your vacation expectations and provide you with unparalleled service.

Below are additional services that maybe helpful to know.

Resort Guestrooms

All rooms are air-conditioned. There are no phones or televisions in the rooms. Turneffe Island Resort has 110 Volt A.C. power; the same as the U.S.

Phone Calls

International calls may be made through our satellite connection in the office. There is a US $5.00 connection fee (per call) and a $1.00 per minute fee. This will be billed to your guestroom.  There is no cell phone service on the Island.


The water is safe to drink. Please help us minimize water usage and waste, as we depend on rain and desalinization to provide fresh water.


There is complimentary Wi-Fi Access on the island.


Three delicious meals are served family style, at set times in the dining room.  Hors d’oeuvres and basic beverages are offered throughout the day.
See Our Cookbook

The Bar

Alcoholic Beverages, and sodas are not included.  Outside alcohol may not be brought to the island for any reason.


The attire on the island is casual. We ask that you wear footwear and cover-ups at mealtimes.

Gift Shop

There is a gift shop with souvenirs, postcards and a limited supply of sundry items.
Visit our giftshop online.


You will receive a detailed itemized preview of your final bill the day before your departure.  Please let the island office know if there are any errors. On the morning of your departure we will add any additional items from the night before.  Just come by the office after breakfast to sign your final bill. The island does not accept American Express Credit Cards as a form of payment.


Only Visa, MasterCard, and Cash are acepted on the Island . Our sales office accepts all major credit and checks. Any refunds will be applied to the type of payment used at the time of booking.


All managers are certified in first-aid procedures and can treat for minor injuries. There are no medical facilities or personnel on the island.  The nearest medical facility is located 35 miles away in Belize City.  Transfer time is 1.15 hours by boat or less by helicopter. This will be arranged at an extra cost to you. Remember to take travel insurance!
The direct phone from the U.S. 011-501-532-2990 or 713-422-2132. Emergency e-mail for the island


Trip Delay

If your trip vacation to Belize is delayed for any reason, please notify the island as soon as possible. You are responsible for any additional costs (special transfers) incurred due to delays for any reason. We recommend travel insurance to cover any unforeseen delays or challenges on your trip. 

Travel plans changed? Please direct all delays or cancellations to the sales office by calling 1-800-874-0118 or via e-mail at Day of arrival changes should be directed to the island by calling from the U.S. 011-501-532-2990  or  713-422-2132 locally in Belize at  532-2990 or  We may also be reached at anytime on Channel 16 via marine radio.

Transfer Days

Boat transfers from Belize City to the island are provided on Saturdays and Wednesdays only.

Special Transfers

Boat transfers on alternate days cost $450.00 each way. Helicopter transfers are also offered.  


Volleyball, Hobie Cat, Kayaks, Freshwater Heated Pool, Horseshoes, Bird Watching and Exploring are always available to guests any day of the week.

Lighthouse Reef & the Blue Hole

A full day snorkel/dive trip scheduled for Tuesday. The trip includes lunch on Half Moon Caye beach and a visit to the Red Footed Booby Sanctuary.